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A Guide to Facebook Certified Community Manager Exam

The Facebook community manager certification is created to certify aspiring Facebook group community managers who demonstrate foundational proficiency in Facebook community building. 

These candidates aspire and possess the ability to build, scale, and strengthen Facebook group communities by utilizing the power of connection, collaboration, and communication.

The Facebook Community Manager Certifications is the ultimate measure of how much community managers comprehend and apply the best practices of online community management. 

It is created through the Facebook blueprint to support the general public, preferably online marketers, community leaders, brand managers, social media managers,  and entrepreneurs who use Facebook to connect with their target customers and audience.

According to Facebook, now Meta, community managers have a role to play in setting and determining strategies that would help build, scale and support their various communities while also supporting their organizational goals. 

One of the reasons Facebook created this certification is to create better opportunities for Facebook Community managers. 

In this post, you’ll learn about the Facebook certified community manager exam, what the Facebook community managers do, Facebook community management best practices, Facebook certified managers’ salaries, and why you need to be a Facebook certified community manager.

What is the Facebook Certified Community Manager Exam (Meta community manager certification​​)

Now called the Meta Certified Community Manager Exam, the Facebook Certified Community Manager Exam is the examination you should pass through if you want to become a Facebook-certified community manager. 

Here are the three steps to the certification:

Learn more about the certifications.

First, you’ll learn about the pathway to how the Facebook Community Manager Certification awards candidates based on their foundational proficiency in community-building strategies.

Prepare for the exam.

You’ll utilize the tools available to prepare and practice for your exam at this stage. This involves a community management program with five self-paced online courses. 

Then you’ll review what you’ve learned in the study guide and prepare for the exam with the practice test. 

Schedule the exam.

Before taking the exam, you’ll ensure that you’re 100% clear on what’s needed and how the testing process works. When you’re ready, sign up for the exam.

Here are some of the topics the certification covers:

  • Defining and establishing a community: Building an online community, community goals, and community guiding principles.
  • Developing community strategies and processes: Best practices for managing audiences, tapping into the platform, building a brand, launching effectively, building and supporting your team, nurturing strong partnerships, and developing efficient operational workflows.
  • Making strategic content decisions for a community: Serving up relevant content, keeping track of trends, and planning goal-driven activities.
  • Engaging and moderating a community: Understanding the onboarding process for new members, community operations, member-to-member connections, engagement tactics, community standards, and terms of service, as well as safely and thoughtfully handling crises and conflicts.
  • Measuring and analyzing community success: Content performance, feedback collection, data reporting, and sustainability.

What do Facebook Community Managers Do?

Many think managing Facebook Community is about publishing content and responding to comments. But it’s more than that.

Facebook community managers are the brand face that focuses on helping people within or beyond the Facebook group community. They are the organization’s point of contact with its audience. 

In general, they are in charge of managing and handling communications in both directions. They are involved in various activities, including communications, public relations, social media, events, and content creation.

Also, they help brands identify and set strategies that will promote, build, scale and support their communities; while supporting their organizational goals and objectives. 

Facebook community managers serve as the brand’s voice, tone, and moderator by fostering a sense of community, disseminating content, and encouraging online interaction to increase brand recognition and trust both online and offline.

Facebook Community Management Best Practices

Facebook has one of the best community management practices that work for individuals and organizations at large. 

Community leaders, brand managers, and social managers who possess the skills and knowledge for managing, scaling, and connecting online communities and understand platform policies and regulations are the hands needed to manage open groups, closed groups, and Facebook pages.

Here are the best practices that Facebook community management requires.

Establish Clear Rules

As a Facebook community manager, you need to set clear ground rules that each group requires. Facebook is not a one-way communication channel, hence the need to have stipulated rules that guide every activity in the community. 

The guidelines will inform group members of the type of content to publish and when to publish it and provide engagement pathways. 

Facebook allows managers to communicate the rules to prospective members before they join and also pin the rule at the top of the group for members. 

Engage With Community Contents:

It’s wrong to assume that your Facebook group will grow independently. Your members will lose interest if you fail to provide relevant content. 

Your Facebook group requires your presence. You should frequently ask questions from the members and provide solutions as long as it relates to the community rules. 

Be Human and assign Responsibilities:

Facebook communities that stand out are managed by people, not just brands. Both positive and negative interactions are necessary and should be personal, not sounding like an automated response but like an actual person behind the keyboard. 

Community management is also better with an actual name assigned to each person or group.

Build a Self-Organizing Community:

You should build a self-sustaining community that can function on its own. 

Give access to the members to comment, engage and have discussions in the group, but they should always adhere to the community guidelines. 

Stay Active:

The goal of any community is to manage people, and the only way to maintain your online reputation is to stay active. You must include a lot of monitoring to the management and always remain vigilant.

How Do You Become A Successful Facebook Community Manager?

To become a thriving Facebook community manager here is what you should do:


Because consistency is vital in managing communities, you must plan as often as possible. While consistency will keep your audience and community members engaged, planning how to engage them is crucial to maintaining the group and keeping their conversation going. 

Communicate effectively

As a community manager, communication is vital in everything you do. You have to know what makes the community engaged in deep conversations and how to reduce all sorts of pressure and stay diplomatic simultaneously.

Have a Personality

You must develop a brand personality when you manage people. You must also take into cognizance the need to stay professional at all times because the people you manage are what bring out your traits as a community manager. You should therefore develop a trait that is unique and special in its way.

Have an Audience-inclined conversation: 

When you think of community management, you should think of the audience. This is because managing communities is about interactions. Therefore, you should have at the back of your mind the need to bring up topics that your members can join in and contribute to.

Facebook Certified Community Manager salary

A Facebook certified community manager is responsible for managing a group of people formed into a community and managing to have meaningful engagements and conversations. 

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a certified Facebook community manager in the US is $125,141, with an additional pay average of $17280.

In the UK, the salary is £73579, with an additional pay average of £7,124. 

Why You Need to be Facebook Certified Community Manager 

It gives you a professional competitive advantage

The Facebook certified community manager certification gives you an advantage over your competitors in the professional world. You can win in any job interview with the accreditation, excellent track records, and team spirit.

It differentiates you from mediocre and sets you apart with the knowledge required to manage, grow and maintain an active community. With an idea of the software required, you can excel without a glitch.

It boosts your efficiency.

Facebook certified community management certification will boost your efficiency. The advanced training, strategies, and knowledge will provide you with up-to-date tools and technical strategy that would direct you in executions, allowing you to be effective.

It increases your earning potential.

As a Facebook certified community manager, the time and efforts invested in getting certified would bring good returns. You’ll comfortably raise your rates, and clients will be ready to pay for your services simply because you are Facebook certified.

It helps you to grow your knowledge and skills.

Your competencies would also take a leap as a Facebook certified community manager. By acquiring new and updated knowledge, you will be able to hone current work habits causing gridlocks in your career paths. 

It would also boost your confidence to try something new such as groundwork to implement a more consultancy idea in your career.

It lets you establish professional credibility.

As many individuals, companies, NGOs, and governments are showing interest in independent consultancy, a certification in Facebook Management separates you from others and places you higher position of authority in your field. It can also boost your professional credibility and prestige within your network.

Final Thoughts

Getting the Facebook Certified community certification is a strategic way of boosting your career in Facebook group community management. The benefits attached are enormous and would help you gain the professional credibility of your field’s specialty. 

It is a fact that getting certifications has a better advantage that positions you as an authority, and if you add one from the Meta community, you stand a better chance than most of your competitors.

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