How to Remove Inactive Facebook Friends (2021)

How to Remove Inactive Facebook Friends

If Facebook were to be a country, it would be the most populous country globally, leaving China behind with over 400 million people. With such a high number of users, the chances are that not everyone will be active on the platform. Many people will be there just to increase the number. According to BBC, …

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3 Best Facebook Auto Poster Chrome Extensions (in 2021)

3 Best Facebook Auto Poster Chrome Extensions

Facebook is the oldest and widest-reaching social media platform.  Going by its years of existence and over 2.8 billion monthly users, it’s one of the best places to scale your business for reach and impact.  While you focus on your core task of developing innovative products and creating valuable content for your audience, identifying the …

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How To Increase Facebook Group Members Fast In 2020

How to Increase Facebook Group Members Fast

The primary purpose of making a group is to provide people with a platform to discuss and promote products as well as receive feedback.  Facebook groups sometimes even become a healthy debate platform over specific social issues.  Creating a Facebook group is not difficult. There are thousands of Facebook groups out there and many fall …

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How To Get Leads From Facebook Groups

How to get Leads from Facebook Groups

Do you want to learn how to get leads from your Facebook group? A Facebook group can serve as a channel for connecting and building quality relationships with your target audience without having to spend anything on advertising. Contrary to popular belief, Facebook group lead generation is not as hard as most people thought if …

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