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How to Link a Facebook Page to a Group

There are many reasons to learn how to link a Facebook page to a Facebook group.

We shall go through them. But before we do, the most obvious reason is to increase your business revenue.

Surely, you want to increase your revenue and profit.

In this post, you’ll learn the importance of linking a Facebook page to a group, the essential points to know about joining a Facebook page to a group, and how to link your Facebook page to your group.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Benefits of Linking a Facebook Page to a Group

Everything we do related to our business must have a reason we do them.

Why is it important to link your Facebook page to a group?

Let’s talk about a few of the reasons.

1. Avenue for getting new members

Linking a Facebook page to a group is an avenue to attract new members.

You might have created a Facebook page before you created a Facebook group for your business.

Or, possibly, you’re running both a Facebook page and a Facebook group simultaneously.

As such, both are getting built simultaneously. You probably have already attracted and built a sizeable audience on your Facebook page.

When a Facebook page has reached a certain stage, your posts start getting shown to more people. That includes people who never interacted with your page before.

When your posts start getting such engagement, it’s an opportunity for you to invite them to join your group too.

2. Promote the group

In addition to the above, linking a Facebook page to a group is a smart way to promote the group.

There will be a cross-pollination of the audience between both the Facebook page and the Facebook group.

So, take advantage of that and link your Facebook page to your group.

3. Running ads

Sometimes, organic reach does not cut it in both your group and page. Hence, some group owners would run ads.

You can only run ads with a Facebook page and not a group.

Hence, it makes sense to say that a Facebook page you’ve connected to your group is an avenue to run ads that contribute to the growth of your group.

4. A community has become a business entity or an official organization

If your Facebook group has gone beyond you, it’s time to manage it via a Facebook page.

Your organization can create a Facebook page.

After creating a page for the organization, it can now be connected or linked to the group.

That way, it will be easily managed with an organization page and not an individual account.

I hope that makes sense!

With these out of the way, let’s talk about how to link a Facebook page to a group.

Points to Consider When Having a Facebook Page Join a Facebook Group

In this section, you’ll learn about some vital points you should consider when linking a page to a group.

One thing to note is that several individuals may be in charge of your Facebook page apart from you. All of them would have equal access to the group through that page.

Here are a few more points to note.

  1. Some or all administrators can view and engage with group members’ posts through the page. This depends on their level of access to the page (admin, moderator, analyst, etc.)
  2. It’s possible that group admins will be able to prevent Pages from joining their groups.
  3. It is not possible to send a group invite to a page. Nevertheless, a page may only apply through an invite link sent to them or when they directly request to join.
  4. Inside the group, you can switch between your profile and your page.
  5. First, log into your Page if it has been updated to the new Pages experience. We’ll discuss this later in this post.
  6. Only a computer or the Facebook app on your mobile device allows you to join a group as a Page. You can’t do so outside these two avenues.

How to Switch to Your Facebook Page in the New Page Experience

The new page experience is a relatively recent feature on Facebook. Before you can link a Facebook page to a group, you’ll have to switch to that page. This is where the new page experience comes in.

You can control your online presence as a business owner on Facebook with the new page experience. 

You can expand your audience, develop relationships with followers, and develop your brand or business.

You can choose to use your page or profile after it has been upgraded to the new page experience. 

This is important because, as someone who wishes to link your page to a group, you must learn how to switch back and forth between your profile and page effortlessly.

With it, you will have the choice to keep your profile and page activity separate.

To go from your profile to your page:

1. First, tap your name in the top-right corner of Facebook.

2. Choose the page you want to switch to by tapping Switch profiles in the top right. Doing this displays the page’s Feed. 

3. From this point, you can check for updates and communicate with the profiles or Pages you follow.

To switch back to your profile from your page:

1. Select your name in the top right corner of Facebook

2. Then tap the name of your Page to switch from your Page to your profile.

3. Select the desired profile by tapping Switch profiles in the top right corner.

A Facebook Page will take on the role of group admin once you link it to a group.

You must know that you must be an admin of both the Facebook page and the Facebook group to be able to link both.

You won’t be able to connect a page and a group you’re not an admin of.

With that said, follow me as I explain how.

Linking a group to a page or pages:

1. Click Groups in the left menu after selecting your group from your Feed. 2. Click See more if Groups can’t be seen.

3. In the menu on the left, select Group settings.

4. To the right of Linked Pages, scroll down and click.

5. Next to the Pages you want to link to your group, click Link.

6. Select Link.

7. If you want to remove a page from your group, click Unlink next to it, and then click Unlink again to confirm.

Final Thoughts

You’ve just learned how to link a Facebook page to a group.

You can leave this post feeling great that you’ve just learned an important tactic to implement in your business without actually doing it.

Or you can go right ahead and implement what you just learned.

How your business turns out in the next couple of years is totally up to you.