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How to Use Hootsuite to Post to Facebook Groups

Why should you use Hootsuite to post to Facebook groups?

The simple answer is that posting content on Facebook groups, while highly beneficial, can be full of struggles.

These struggles, mentioned as we progress in this article, can make content posting tasking and laborious.

Hootsuite can alieve the struggles of scheduling content on your Facebook groups.

Now, let’s elaborate more.

Importance of Posting Consistently in Your Facebook Group

If you’re considering using Facebook groups as a tool for your business, you should know that consistency is essential to achieving your unique business objectives. 

Building relationships with your audience is one advantage of consistency. 

It also aids in keeping you focused on your objectives. To learn about the extra advantages of being consistent on social media, continue reading below.

1. To engage customers

You can engage your audience by being consistent with your content. 

When you post frequently, you will have more opportunities to engage with your audience. 

You’ll have the chance to discover their interests and how they use your products and services.

Your involvement with your audience is yet another advantage of consistency. 

Social media success shouldn’t be measured by a high number of followers but by high-value engagement.

2. It increases the trust factor

Your business may establish a relationship and build trust with its audience by creating content consistently.

You can connect with customers and respond to their inquiries via your Facebook group.

Your audience is more likely to take you seriously when you offer value without expecting anything in return.

Your brand’s reputation will ultimately increase when your material targets the appropriate audience at the appropriate time and place. 

The more high-quality content you deliver, the more probable people will associate your business favorably.

3. Helps win your audience’s loyalty

Excellent content is a valuable asset. 

It has the power to give your potential customers satisfying experiences that will entice them to buy more from you. 

It’s your key to grabbing their attention and consistently enhancing their perception of your brand.

4. Cheap organic traffic

Generally, there are two approaches to bringing visitors to your website: paid search and organic SEO. 

If you absolutely know what you’re doing and have a significant budget, a paid search can be helpful, but many firms prefer the organic approach. 

The good news is that despite SEO guidelines constantly evolving, continually producing new content has always been important and is among the most straightforward strategies to increase traffic. 

It increases your company’s credibility as a reliable source of information, provides Google with a ton of pages to suggest to visitors, and brings in a lot more organic traffic than firms that only update seldom or never.

5. Brand awareness

By regularly producing new content, you’re attracting the attention of the Facebook algorithm to your group while simultaneously generating traffic to your lead magnet and winning over your audience’s confidence. 

When you consistently put out relatable content, this puts you on top of their minds regarding your products and services.

Hence, you are their first stop when they are ready to purchase. 

Readers are more intelligent than you might imagine, so they will avoid low-quality writing while remembering the outstanding pieces that motivate action and offer genuine assistance. 

You developed trust by being the one to offer this, and you simply cannot purchase trust.

6. Easy connection with your audience

Likely, you don’t feel connected to a new brand after seeing its first advertisement. 

In reality, a prospect needs an average of 7 touchpoints with your brand before they sense a connection and many more before deciding to purchase from you. 

You can increase the possibility that the touchpoint will be made by regularly releasing a lot of content into the environment. 

This can be accomplished in various ways, including through social media question-and-answer threads, individualized newsletters, the publication of blogs with practical advice, and more.

7. Lead generation

Increased brand recognition, traffic, and connections result in more leads. 

Your message has been fine-tuned to entice the right kind of customers to learn more about what you do and how you do it. 

More people are aware of what you do and how you do it. 

This moves them from your marketing funnel and into your sales funnel, increasing the workload on your sales team. 

In fact, studies have shown that consistent content marketing on social media generates 13 times more ROI, costs 62% less than other marketing channels and generates three times as many leads.

Now that you know the tremendous benefits of consistently posting content on your Facebook groups, Facebook page, and profile, let’s talk about Hootsuite.

When it comes to scheduling your post, you can use built-in tools on Facebook, or you can use third-party apps like Hootsuite.

Struggles with Posting Content in Facebook Groups

There are many struggles group admins face when managing their Facebook group.

Some of these struggles are related to posting content. This is why it’s advisable to schedule posts. But even this may not be a walk in the park.

Here are some posting struggles admins face that make it necessary to use a scheduler such as Hootsuite.

1. Posting can be time-consuming

The time it takes to develop posts is as important as the time it takes to publish them in your group.

A lot of time can get spent creating content and publishing that content.

2. Posting may be an inconvenience

Setting aside time to post daily or weekly can affect other areas of your life; the time you can otherwise use productively on family or other areas of your business will have to be spent posting.

3. Posting may hinder your effectiveness as an admin

If you plan to spend 5 hours per week on your Facebook group, imagine if 3 hours from that alone is spent on publishing posts.

What about time to respond to comments? 

What about your other roles as an admin?

Who will moderate membership requests?

Who will moderate members’ interaction to prevent conflict?

And so many things among your roles as an admin might be affected.

Some people resort to hiring virtual assistants to relieve them of some of their roles.

But hiring extra hands can be expensive.

How to Post in Facebook Groups with Ease

Scheduling posts in advance is highly recommended to solve all the struggles mentioned above.

Try creating a week’s worth of postings in advance.

Your workload is reduced when you use scheduled posts.

According to a Facebook report, expert administrators confirmed that scheduling posts could help you run your group more effectively. 

Choose a day and time for the planned post to automatically appear in your group, then write posts whenever it is most convenient for you to do so. 

Some administrators advise making an editorial timetable or allotting time to arrange numerous postings.

Additionally, Group Insights can help you determine when your members are most engaged. 

Using what you learned from the Group Insights, you can create content in advance and post it when your group is most engaged.

When you need members to comment on a post or when you need to make a significant group announcement, it is advised to use periods when the group is most active to improve visibility.

This is where Hootsuite comes in.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that provides users with a unified user interface to control their online activities. 

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, and other social media platforms are all supported by Hootsuite. As a Facebook group admin, you’ll find this tool beneficial and helpful to your work.

With more than 9 million users, Hootsuite is a freemium platform based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

It offers basic functionality without charge, but premium features require a fee.

Why Use Hootsuite Instead of Scheduling Posts Directly Into Facebook Groups?

Hootsuite as explained previously, is a platform for managing your content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. 

It is also a third-party scheduling app to post on Social Media.

It has features like analytics so you can see how well your posts are doing, and it also has built-in optimization algorithms to ensure the highest reach possible.

Given Facebook groups already have a native scheduler, why would people use Hootsuite?

The fact that Hootsuite and other third-party solutions offer more features than Facebook Scheduler makes them preferable. 

It provides analytics, for instance, which is helpful for marketers looking to understand their post’s effect on follower engagement rates or to examine specific demographics of an audience they engaged through a campaign.

Can third-party schedulers like Hootsuite decrease the reach of posts?

The number of people that view your content organically—without you having to spend to advertise to them—is your reach. 

Organic posts rely on the social network’s algorithm because they aren’t targeted to certain audiences, unlike advertising.

Even while we don’t fully understand how algorithms operate, we do know that one of their key objectives is to keep users scrolling across the platform so they can see more advertisements. 

How does this affect you?

The algorithm rewards high engagement because many social media platforms associate consistency with high engagement. 

This implies that your engagement and reach increase the more active you are. 

Although the algorithm considers several factors, scheduled posts don’t appear to be favored.

recent study in 2020 indicated that Facebook posts scheduled using third-party solutions received 10.3% more interaction than posts made directly on Facebook, demonstrating the value of scheduling tools.

How to Use Hootsuite to Post to Facebook Groups

If you prefer a work-through video, watch this tutorial to learn how to use Hootsuite in 13 minutes.

To manage a Facebook group or page from the exact location as your other social media accounts, add it to Hootsuite. 

You can publish to Facebook, interact with your audience, generate reports, and more when you link your Facebook account to Hootsuite.

How to Add Hootsuite to Your Facebook Group

To begin with, ensure that the group you wish to add to Hootsuite has admin access to your personal Facebook account. 

To grant Hootsuite access to your Pages and groups, you must log in with your account. 

Follow these steps for Facebook groups:

  • Ensure you are the group admin.
  • Add Hootsuite to the list of approved apps for the group.
  • Log out of Facebook in a different tab or window of your browser.
  • Go to My profile in Hootsuite and then click Manage accounts and teams.
  • Totally free and paid options: Choose Private account +.
  • Plans for teams, businesses, and enterprises: Next, click Manage next to the name of your organization before choosing Add a social network.
  • Choose Facebook.
  • Select Log In after entering your email address and password for your Facebook account.
  • Click Continue while logged in as [your Facebook username]. This merely gives Hootsuite permission to view any Pages or groups linked to it; it does not add your profile to Hootsuite.

Hootsuite will be given a set of permissions in the authorization request, along with a button that says “Continue as Joe.”

  • To grant Hootsuite access to administer the Pages, groups, and ad accounts that you add, select Continue. 

You haven’t added anything yet, so don’t worry!

  • Next to the Pages, groups, and profiles you want to add to Hootsuite, click Add, and after that, click Done.

You can choose the ad accounts you want to add to Hootsuite and then click Done. Utilizing Hootsuite, you can add your ad accounts to promote your Facebook Page posts.

There you have them—all the steps involved in adding your Facebook group to Hootsuite.

How to Schedule Posts in Facebook Groups with Hootsuite

Now, let’s talk about scheduling posts into your Facebook groups using nothing but Hootsuite.

Step 1: First, select “Create Post.”

Enter the menu on the dashboard’s left side and select the content creation icon. Next, select Post.

Make a post using the Facebook scheduling tool.

Step 2: Decide which Facebook Page you wish to post to.

The appropriate Facebook account should have a box next to it.

Go to Hootsuite and pick a Facebook group.

Step 3: Write your post

Create the text, add and modify the image, and then include a link.

Make a Facebook post with text, a photo, and a link.

Step 4: Establish a publishing time

Select the postpone button. A calendar will then appear. You can choose the day and time when the Facebook post will go live.

Step 5: Create a Facebook post in advance or schedule it

Posting at the ideal times to increase engagement is simple with Hootsuite’s Facebook scheduling tool.

The best time to publish uses your previous engagement data to advise the best times to post on all social media platforms, not just Facebook!

Plan your Facebook post in the above five steps

Your post will be published at the precise time you choose when you click the Schedule button.

How to Schedule Multiple Facebook Posts in Hootsuite

The bulk scheduling option in Hootsuite streamlines managing a busy posting schedule. 

A total of 350 posts can be scheduled at once using Hootsuite.

Save your Facebook material as a CSV file to schedule multiple postings on Facebook.

Give each post the following information:

  • When your post should go live, as measured in 24-hour time.
  • Its caption.
  • A URL (this is optional).

It should be noted that bulk posts cannot contain emojis, photos, or videos. 

However, you may add those afterward by going into Hootsuite and changing each scheduled post.

The Bulk Composer requests that you evaluate all of the posts after you have uploaded your CSV file. 

Select Schedule when you’ve finished editing and adding any more media files.

And that’s it.

Final Thoughts

We have shared essential tips about using Hootsuite to post in Facebook groups.

We also mentioned the benefits of Facebook groups, the importance of posting consistently, and how to do so using Hootsuite.

All that is left is for you to implement what you have learned.

Have we missed anything significant in this post on using Hootsuite to post on Facebook groups?

Feel free to share below.