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Multiple Tools for Facebook extension: All You Need to Know

The billion number of users on Facebook creates a business for Facebook and its users.

Now, you can connect and transact successfully on that platform without necessarily being from the same country.

If you have a Facebook group, you’ve taken it a step further.

This allows people of diverse ages and demographics to join communities of similar interest. That way, the audience can spend their time in places where they discuss their likes. And this can be an avenue for impactful relationships.

But managing a Facebook group can be time-consuming; screening and engaging members can be a tedious chore.

This post will introduce you to the Multiple Tools for Facebook Extension.

Let’s begin.

What are Multiple Tools Facebook Extension?

The Multiple Tools for Facebook Chrome Extension is a Google Chrome Extension that houses multiple tools to enhance and make your Facebook user’s experience seamless. 

It comes with improved functionality and additional security to your account. 

Using this tool, you’ll reduce the likely headache attached to keeping up with audience engagement on Facebook. 

Besides, Facebook is a busy platform. Data from Facebook indicates that U.S users spend an average of 40 minutes per day total in bursts of 2-5 minute increments.

If a regular user could use this time, imagine the time a Facebook Group admin will spend engaging with each of them and studying their analytics.

For ease, the multiple tools for Facebook help you achieve total privacy and comfortably utilise scroll your Facebook news feeds without being scared of anyone stalking you 

Why Should You Use the Multiple Tools for Facebook?

There is a saying that if you don’t want it to go viral, don’t share it on social media because anything that gets on social media has the potential of going viral.

It could be your picture if someone gets a hold of it.

The Multiple Tools for Facebook prevents your profile picture from being grabbed by anyone. This feature ensures your image is non-downloadable for anyone to save your profile picture on their computers. 

This tool also allows you to use Facebook without being seen as using it. There are situations when people see you online or affirmed your chat presence through the read receipt, and they’re not patient enough to identify that you’re busy.

This feature lets you have fun working on your desired task without being pressured to reply and react to anyone’s post or status. 

Overall, this tool gives you an ultimately better Facebook experience.

Using the Multiple Tools for Facebook Google Chrome extension can  also help you to achieve the following;

1. Privacy changer

Permits you to change the privacy of your messages in bulk on personal Facebook. You can do the same for your posts in size on personal Facebook.

2. Interaction Scanner

It lets you scan the interaction of friends on a personal Facebook wall.

3. Message counter

With the tool, you can count messages between you and your friends and download messages to reference offline.

4. Friends Remover

Allows you to find and remove any friends easily. Also, it lets you identify the deactivated and locked accounts.

5. Friend Requests Manager

It helps you to manage your incoming and outgoing friend requests.

6. Users dashboard

The tool also allows you to see your Facebook analytics. 

Its other features include:

  • Group Scanner: tells you the group your friends belong to. 
  • Page Scanner: tells you the pages you or your friend liked.
  • Unseen & Block Typing Indicator that keeps you hidden while reading and typing messages.

Is Multiple Tools for Facebook Safe?

As much as the Multiple tools for Facebook give you access to the advanced user level of the Facebook platform, it’s safe to use.

Only that, Facebook can block the “Remove friends” feature if you use it regularly.

Do you have Multiple tools for Facebook for Android (Mobile and Firefox?)

Yes. But not as an extension, as an app. 

The multiple tools for Facebook is also available on Android. It has the following features;

  • Login with Facebook Access Token
  • Login multiple accounts
  • Mass add friends to groups.
  • Delete message in bulk
  • View top messages
  • Unfriend all friends
  • Add friends automatically
  • Delete or accepts a friend request
  • Hide yours or others’ posts on your Profile
  • Set yours or others’ posts’ privacy on your Profile
  • Turn on Avatar Guard Shield
  • Auto comments
  • Auto reactions
  • Batch send messages to your friends.

Unfortunately, the multiple tools for Facebook aren’t available as a Firefox extension; instead, it has an alternative called the Facebook Admin Tool.

How to use the Multiple Tools for Facebook Chrome Extension

Do a Google search of the term “Multiple Tools for Facebook Chrome Extension.”

Then click on the first result on the page to open the link to the extension.

Click on Add to Chrome, and the Multiple Tools for Facebook will add to your Google Chrome.

Once that is done, you’ll be presented with your dashboard, as shown below.

The highlighted part reveals the tools that this extension gives you access to.

Multiple tools for Facebook (Free Vs. Premium)

The free version of the Multiple tools for Facebook allows you to use features like Friend Request, Group Scanner, Interaction Scanner, Privacy Changer, etc. In contrast, the premium version gives you access to download groups, non-friends, and even blocked user’s conversation history. 

It also allows you to gain better insight into your friends’ interaction with you and lets you find locked and deactivated friends to remove. 

The premium version also permits you to request unlimited support and lets you contribute to the extension’s improvement.

With a $20 one-time payment, you can access the premium version for life.

Final Thoughts

Not only the Multiple tools for a Facebook chrome extension that makes your Facebook experience seamless, but there are also many other necessary Google Chrome Extensions like that, and one of them is Group Leads.

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This activity will save you time, money and help you better focus on your core task.