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New Member Intro: A New Way to Onboard New Facebook Group Members

As a new member, you might be wondering what to expect and how to get the most out of being a part of our group.

Luckily, Facebook has introduced a new feature, the new member intro. Haven’t you heard of it? Then, we’ll let you know more about it!

At first, new members can find it challenging to engage in a Facebook group. As the admin of the Facebook group, it is your responsibility to interact with them and help them feel welcome. And without a doubt, creating a new member intro is a time-saving way to get things started.

The new member intro feature provides a space for new group members to learn more about the community from the first time they enter the group. It helps them get to know the interests of the group and helps them feel more connected to the group.

Let’s get to know more about this new feature and how your group can benefit from it!

What is the new member intro feature?

So, what is the New Member Intro feature exactly? It’s a designated space within the group where new members can get to know about the group. This introduction can include information such as the interests you share within the group, what they can post, or just simply a welcoming message.

A good intro message should give new members a sense of belonging to the group and what they can be interested in the group. For example, you can write it by saying, “Hi! Welcome to Symalite! You’re now an elite group of CEOs on the road to perfecting their content system. To get started, post your introduction and get to know your fellow CEOs!” 

In addition to introducing themselves, new member can also use their introduction to ask questions or seek guidance from the group. For example, they might say, “I’m new to this topic and would love to learn more. Do any of you have any recommendations for resources or experts I should check out?” It can also encourage more engagement from the group with new and old members. 

How does the new member intro feature work?

As an admin of the group, you need to know how to use this new member intro feature on Facebook groups. So, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it!

Scroll to the bottom of your admin tools and find Group Settings - New member intro
  1. Go to your Facebook group where you want to add a new member intro. 
  2. Go to “Manage” and find “Group Settings.”
  3. Then, under the “Set up group” dashboard, you can find the “New Member Intro.”
  4. Click the “New Member Intro” and press “Get started.”
  5. Write your intro message and click “Publish.”
Click new member intro - New member intro

Additionally, you can also choose to show your group rules after the intro message, or you can always turn it off.

How to add a new member intro in your Facebook group

Benefits of Introducing the Group to New Members

As a member of a group or community, it can be overwhelming to join a new group and not know anyone. If you’re a group admin, introducing the group to new members is so important. You can give them a head start on the group!

It helps new members feel welcomed and included, and it can also help build a sense of community and encourage engagement within the group. 

For instance, when you’re a new member of a group, when you join the group and receive the group intro message, you will indeed feel welcomed. It also shows that the group values diversity and is open to new ideas and perspectives. 

Additionally, creating a welcoming intro can help new members feel more comfortable and encourage them to participate in group discussions and activities. But not only this, but you can also make the new member feel welcome by sending personal messages to them. 

There are often tools available to help send personalized messages to your new members. For example, Group Leads has a feature where you can send an automated personalized message to your new members. And not only that, it has a lot of features like converting your new members into email leads!

Tips for making the most of the new member intro feature in groups

If you’re an admin of a group or community that has recently implemented a new member intro feature, you may wonder how to make the most of it. Here are a few tips to help you effectively welcome and introduce new members to your group:

1. Personalize introductions with new member intro

Instead of using a generic template or message, take the time to personalize your introduction that will relate to your group. It would be best to make it like you’re just talking to a friend. It can help make the new member feel more welcomed and valued.

2. Suggest ways on how new members can participate or contribute

You know that feeling when you arrive at a party and you don’t know what to do? That’s the same thing that happens when new members join your Facebook group.

3. Use a friendly and inclusive tone

Remember that new members may be feeling a bit nervous or unsure of themselves when they join a new group. Use a friendly and inclusive tone when introducing the group to new members to help them feel more at ease.

4. Offer resources and information

In addition to introducing the group to new members, consider offering resources and information to help them get acclimated. It could include links to helpful resources on your group’s website or forum or suggestions for ways to get involved with the group.

5. Emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion

Make it clear that your group values diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive environment. We may have mentioned this a couple of times in this post, but this is so important. 

6. Avoid using emojis

While emojis can be a fun and friendly way to communicate, it’s important to note that they may not work with the new member intro feature yet. Keep this in mind when crafting your introduction messages, and focus on using language and tone to convey your welcoming and inclusive message.

By following these tips, you can make the most of the new member intro feature and help create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all your group members.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the new member intro feature for Facebook groups is a valuable tool for welcoming and introducing new members to your group. You can personalize introductions and use a friendly and inclusive tone can help new members feel welcomed and included using Group Leads.

Overall, the new member intro feature is a great way to improve the onboarding experience for new members and help build a stronger and more cohesive community within your Facebook group. So make sure to utilize this feature to its full potential and create a warm and welcoming environment for all your group members.