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17 Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs – Marketing, Hiring, Accountability, and More!

Facebook groups can be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas and experiences, and seek advice and support. 

Many Facebook groups are available for entrepreneurs, covering various topics and industries. 

In this article, we will highlight some of the best Facebook groups for entrepreneurs based on their size, activity level, and the quality of the content and discussions. 

These groups offer a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and connect with others in the business community. 

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced entrepreneur, you’ll find something of value in these groups. So, without further ado, here are ten of the best Facebook groups for entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Joining Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

1. Networking opportunities

Facebook groups for entrepreneurs provide a platform for business owners to connect with other professionals in their industry, as well as potential customers. This can help entrepreneurs build relationships, find new business opportunities, and learn from others in their field.

2. Access to industry experts

Many Facebook groups for entrepreneurs feature members who are experts in their field, including successful business owners, industry thought leaders, and marketing professionals. By joining these groups, entrepreneurs can tap into this wealth of knowledge and get valuable insights and advice.

3. Collaboration and support

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely and stressful journey, but Facebook groups for entrepreneurs provide a sense of community and support. Members can collaborate on projects, share ideas, and offer support and encouragement to one another.

4. Promotional opportunities

Facebook groups for entrepreneurs can be a great platform for promoting a business or product. Members may be willing to share content and help spread the word about a business, increasing visibility and reach.

5. Access to resources and tools

Many Facebook groups for entrepreneurs offer access to valuable resources, such as templates, worksheets, and other tools that can help business owners grow and manage their businesses more effectively.

6. Stay up-to-date on industry trends

Facebook groups for entrepreneurs can help business owners stay informed about the latest industry trends and developments. Members often share news and updates, which can help entrepreneurs stay ahead of the curve and make informed business decisions.

7. Opportunity for personal and professional growth

By participating in discussions and learning from other members, entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights and knowledge that can help them grow personally and professionally. Facebook groups for entrepreneurs can be a great source of inspiration and motivation for business owners.

8. Customer feedback

Facebook groups can also provide a platform for entrepreneurs to gather customer feedback and gather insights into what their audience wants and needs.

9. Fun and community

Finally, Facebook groups can be a lot of fun! They provide a sense of community and can be a great way for entrepreneurs to connect with others who share their interests and passions.

10. Opportunities for personal and professional growth 

Facebook groups often host events, webinars, and other learning opportunities that can help entrepreneurs grow both personally and professionally.

Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

Let’s talk about the best Facebook groups out there for entrepreneurs.

1. Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels (Official) - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

Those who use the software platform Clickfunnels, which enables users to construct and manage sales and marketing funnels, are part of the Clickfunnels Facebook group. Members can seek for assistance and support, discuss their knowledge and experiences with utilizing Clickfunnels, and keep up with all the most recent information from the company by joining the group. It is an important tool for individuals who want to find out more about how to use the platform to expand their company.

You may find a wide range of information in the Clickfunnels Facebook group, including how-to guides, user success tales, and discussions of the various tools and features available. Connecting with other Clickfunnels users allows you to establish relationships or collaborations.

In general, the Clickfunnels Facebook group is a fantastic location for users of the software to connect, exchange knowledge and expertise, and offer support to one another in their entrepreneurial ventures. Anyone trying to expand their business with Clickfunnels will find it to be a helpful resource.

2. Grow Your Audience: Facebook Pages & Groups

Grow your audience facebook pages and groups - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

The “Grow Your Audience” Facebook group is an online community dedicated to helping individuals and businesses increase their reach and visibility on the social media giant, Facebook. 

Group members can share tips, strategies, and resources for growing their audience and engaging with their followers.

The group was created by the Founder of Moolah Marketing, Rachel Miller.

She’s the creator of a dozen or more Facebook pages, such as QuirckyMomma, OneCrazyHouse, CrazyCatLady, etc.

The group is a private Facebook group with more than 61,000 members when this post is published.

One of the main benefits of joining the “Grow Your Audience” Facebook group is the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals who are also looking to expand their reach on social media.

This can be a great way to get feedback, ideas, and support from others going through the same challenges and opportunities as you.

In addition to connecting with others, the “Grow Your Audience” Facebook group can also provide access to valuable resources and information.

Many group members may be experts in areas such as social media marketing, content creation, or audience engagement, and they may be willing to share their knowledge and experience with others in the group.

To get the most out of the Facebook group for entrepreneurs, be active and engage with other members. This can involve asking questions, sharing your own experiences and insights, and commenting on others’ posts. By participating in the group and contributing to the conversation, you can learn from others and potentially make valuable connections that can help you grow your audience on Facebook.

The group is for you if you’re a Facebook page admin or you’re about to become one. 

It’s also for you if you have a business and you want to get traffic to it without having to run ads.

3. Symalite Labs Product Support Community

Symalite Labs product support community - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

Symalite Labs is a private Facebook group. It serves as a support group for entrepreneurs who use these four tools:

  • Group Leads: Group Leads is a software, a chrome extension used to turn Facebook group members into leads. Furthermore, it helps you send follow-up emails (autoresponder) to the email address captured using your favorite email Autoresponder service of your choice.
  • Chatsilo: Chatsilo is a tool that allows users to create a Messenger funnel in the shortest time possible.
  • Orrderly: Orrderly is a tool for managing tasks to help improve productivity and keep the user organized.
  • Vidscout: Vidscout is the best and easiest tool to retrieve the testimonials of customers and clients.

All these great business tools are created by the same owner.

And they’re all highly recommended to you. Joining the official Facebook group will also give you more access to other users and resources that will help you as a business owner and entrepreneur.

The founder of the Facebook group is Jamiu Oloyede. And he’s also the founder and CEO of all four marketing tools.

4. The Cult of Copy

The Cult of Copy - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

The Cult of Copy Facebook group was created by Colin Theriot for people interested in sales, conversion, and copywriting.

And who are those interested in copywriting besides business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs?

The group has some subgroups related to copywriting.

Here are some of them.

If you’re looking to hire a Copywriter or get hired as a Copywriter, join this group: https://facebook.com/groups/copyjobs

If you’re looking to get feedback or critiques on your copy, join this group: https://facebook.com/groups/copycolosseum

5. Women Entrepreneurs: Success Through Community

Women entrepreneurs success through community - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

This group is a private Facebook group specifically for women keen on lifting each other up in their entrepreneurial journey.

Women Entrepreneurs: Success Through Community is for women entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs, stay-at-home mums who want to start a business, and so on.

6. Virtual Assistant Savvies

Virtual Assistant Savvies - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

Virtual Assistant Savvies is a Facebook group for freelancers and Entrepreneurs interested in virtual assistance.

It means the group is for you if you need a VA or if you’re someone offering virtual assistance as a service.

7. Freelancing Community with Alexandra Fasulo

Freelancing community with Alexandra Fasulo - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

The Facebook group is a platform for freelancers to connect, share resources and advice, and discuss issues related to freelance work. It is a closed group, which means that interested members must be approved by the group’s administrators before they can join.

The group is a place for freelancers to ask questions, get feedback, and find peer support. It is also a great place to network and find new clients or job opportunities.

Group members are encouraged to share their experiences, knowledge, and resources. This includes sharing information about freelance job openings, tips for success as a freelancer, and strategies for managing client relationships.

In addition to discussions, the group often features guest experts and industry leaders who share their insights and advice with the community.

Finally, the Freelancing Community by Alexandra Fasulo group is a value-filled resource for freelancers looking to connect with other professionals in their field and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in freelance work.

8. 6 Figure+ Coaches 🔑 A Simple System For Getting More Clients, More Often

6 figure+ coaches a simple system for getting more clients more often - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

6 Figure+ Coaches group is a Facebook forum or community for coaches or professionals who earn or aim to earn six figures or more in their work. 

These include coaches in various industries or fields, such as content writers, copywriters, editors, data analysts, web developers, life coaches, health and wellness, or personal development. 

Ryan Bowles founded this online community, and he teaches people how to build profitable Facebook groups.

The group provides a space for members to discuss strategies for building and growing their coaching businesses, share resources and experiences, and offer support and advice to one another.

It’s indeed a place to be for entrepreneurs who work from home.


Tribe of UNSTOPPABLES - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

Tribe of Unstoppables is a Facebook group community for business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s meant for people who want to build a successful, profitable, and scalable online business.

The Facebook group covers everything around online marketing, social selling, profit-producing employees, program launches and so much more.

This community is founded by Kelly Roach, a business strategist, author, and coach. Her coaching program is known for its accountability approach.

10. Facebook Ads Mastermind Group

Facebook ads mastermind group - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

Facebook Ads Mastermind is a private group that is dedicated to discussing and sharing information about advertising on the Facebook platform.

The group has 174,000 members at the time of this post, and it is open to anyone interested in learning about Facebook advertising.

It includes if they are beginners or experienced professionals.

The group is founded by the Facebook advertising expert Ben Heath, who’s also the founder of LeadGuru.

Participants in the group can ask questions, discuss their experiences, and receive comments on their efforts. 

The group is an excellent resource for finding out about industry standards, fresh features, and tactics for managing effective Facebook ad campaigns.

The group talks about Facebook advertising as well as associated subjects, including content marketing, social media marketing, and internet marketing.

A professional team oversees the group’s moderation to make sure the information offered is accurate and beneficial.

For anyone wishing to learn more about Facebook advertising or to hone their talents in this area, this group is a great resource. It is a fantastic venue for networking with other industry experts, sharing ideas, and keeping current with emerging trends.

11. SaaS Products and Marketing

SaaS products and marketing - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

SaaS Products and Marketing” is a private Facebook group focused on discussing and sharing information about software as a service (SaaS) products and marketing. The group is open to anyone interested in these topics, including SaaS business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, and professionals in related fields.

Group members can ask questions, share their experiences, and get feedback on their SaaS products and marketing efforts. The group is a great resource for learning about best practices, new trends, and strategies for building and promoting SaaS products.

In addition to discussing SaaS products and marketing, the group also covers related topics such as product management, customer success, and growth hacking. The group is moderated by a team of experts who ensure that the content shared is accurate and helpful.

“SaaS Products and Marketing” is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the SaaS market or hone their skills in this area. It’s a terrific way to network with other industry experts, share ideas, and keep up with the most recent advancements.

12. Shopify Entrepreneurs

Shopify entrepreneurs - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

This group is used by Shopify store owners and sellers to improve their stores and learn best practices from other prosperous store owners.

13. The Profitable Entrepreneur

The profitable entrepreneur - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

Service-based businesses (such as web developers, graphic designers, and copywriters) join this Facebook group to network with other entrepreneurs and pick up tips on increasing their customer bases.

14. Boss-Moms

Boss-Moms - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

As indicated in their group description, Boss-Moms is a space for mom entrepreneurs raising a family and a business simultaneously.

This is the perfect space whether you are just starting out in your entrepreneurial journey or you’re looking for guidance to scale things up.

This group was founded by a mom, podcaster, author, and entrepreneur, Dana Malstaff.

15. Black Owned Business Portal

Black owned business portal - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

BlackOBP is a platform for African-American-run businesses to showcase their offerings, discuss successes and setbacks, and solicit help from other entrepreneurs all around the nation.

16. Profitable Women Entrepreneurs

Profitable women entrepreneurs - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

It is a private Facebook group for women trying to grow their online businesses.

This group contains more than 24,000 members. It provides opportunities for promoting businesses and networking with other women in business.

17. The Freelance Movement | Freelancing Community

The Freelance Movement Freelancing Community - Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

The Freelance Movement is a private Facebook group consisting of 128,000 members.

The group is meant exclusively for Filipinos who want to start their own freelance work from home. The group offers actionable tips to help land and sustain their first clients and win new ones.

This online community was founded by John Pagulayan, a freelancer himself who is a true testimony to what the group preaches. He is known for his CCPP framework – connect, call, proposal, paid.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you now have a quick reference to some of the best Facebook groups for entrepreneurs.

You will get more from these communities if you invest more in them. 

So join a few of the groups listed above, share your experiences, post questions, and discover just how far an active network of business owners can carry you.