Facebook Group Invites: The Ultimate Guide

Facebook Group Invites

Group owners and members alike would quickly agree about the limitless potential of Facebook Groups, especially in terms of marketing opportunities, meaningful engagement, and valuable interaction between members and their group leaders.  It’s an understatement to say that Facebook groups are experiencing hypergrowth. Statistics say that in 2020, the active group members rose to 1.8 …

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Facebook Group Badges: The Ultimate Guide

Facebook group badges

With all the changes and improvements that Facebook has made recently, it’s hard to imagine that Facebook Group Badges aren’t new. Facebook introduced badges in mid-2018 as a means for group owners and admins to recognize top group users and inspire other group members to interact more. But for those who aren’t familiar with group …

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FriendFilter Review: Remove Inactive Facebook Friends


The bedrock of every organic marketing campaign lies in the audience. Their level of engagement directly reflects on your organic reach. An active online audience is the dream of every brand. Their interaction portrays how relevant your brand is and how much they value your services, and this also builds a close connection with them. …

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How To Get Leads From Facebook Groups

How to get Leads from Facebook Groups

Do you want to learn how to get leads from your Facebook group? A Facebook group can serve as a channel for connecting and building quality relationships with your target audience without having to spend anything on advertising. Contrary to popular belief, Facebook group lead generation is not as hard as most people thought if …

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