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Group Funnels Pricing – How Much Does Group Funnels Cost?

Are you constantly asking yourself: how much does Group Funnels cost?

And you’re looking for a quick answer.

I know who you are.


You own one or more closed Facebook groups.

You want to set up sales funnels with the help of one of the Facebook group funnels software in the market, probably the one created by Arne Giske and Matt Staton.

Am I right?

In this write-up, you will get to know the exact sum you need to get up and running with Group Funnels.

What are Group Funnels?

Let me briefly talk about Group Funnels before we go into more detail as regards its pricing and costs.

Group Funnels Chrome extension, AKA Facebook Group Funnels, is a Facebook Group lead generation Google Chrome extension just like Group Leads Pro.

It also helps you convert new Facebook group members into email subscribers in your email marketing autoresponder, but there is a catch.

Unlike Group Leads, to get the best out of the Group Funnels extension, you need to be a current user of Zapier, or you’re ready to add Zapier to your software arsenal.

This is because, with Group Funnels, before you can convert your new Facebook group members into leads in Google Sheets and email subscribers, you need Zapier.

In this case, Zapier serves as the connector between your Facebook group and google sheet and, subsequently, your email marketing software.

Group Funnels also has an affiliate program where you can promote the extension and get paid a commission for each sale that’s made via your link.

How to create Facebook Group Funnels

Creating a Facebook group funnel would save you more time and make you more money from your Facebook groups, and you may not need to spend any money on acquiring leads for your business if you do it right.

Please, follow these steps to create a Facebook group funnel for your group.

Step #1: 

Ask onboarding questions from your new Facebook group members. 

You can set this up via the left-hand side of your Facebook group admin area by clicking on the Membership Questions menu.

Step #2: 

Make use of checkboxes & multi-choice feature to ask the first two questions. Use normal text format to ask the last question, which would request for new members’ email addresses.

Step #3: 

For better conversion, promise to give your new members one of your freebies (ebook, report, free coaching, video course, e.t.c.). It can be anything, as far as it is valuable to the reader. 

Step #4: 

Don’t forget to set up your welcome email series that would deliver your freebie and other marketing messages you want to be sending (periodically) to your new Facebook group members when they are approved to join your Facebook group.

Step #5: 

Download the Group Leads Chrome extension

With the click of a button, connect the above extension with your Google Sheet and email autoresponder using the tutorials available from the links below.

https://docs.groupleads.net/article/10-install-group-leads and https://docs.groupleads.net/category/5-integrations.

When new members join your Facebook group, log in to the Group Leads Chrome extension, and you will see a red Custom Approve All button. This is the button you would be using to approve your new members.

Each time you click this button, Group Leads will add your members’ data to your specified google spreadsheet (like shown above), take their email addresses, and add them to your selected email autoresponder software.

Group Funnels Pricing: How Much Does Group Funnels Cost?

As of today, Group Funnels pricing runs on a one-time pricing model.

The cost is $297 for lifetime access.

Is this something you can afford?

When you pay this amount, you will get access to all the features of Group Funnels, updates, and a private Facebook group containing everyone currently using the chrome extension.

Group Funnels Alternatives

Getting Group Funnels for a lifetime is excellent, but you need to ask yourself one question before you proceed with the purchase.

Can I afford to commit up to $297 upfront?

If your answer is no, you can check out the best Group Funnels alternatives currently in the market.

Guess what?

You can pay as low as $27 monthly to get started with this Group Funnels alternative.

Can you keep up to $27 a month?

If yes, then I would suggest you go for the Group Leads Pro, the best alternative to group funnels as at today.

With Group Leads, you can even start for FREE without paying anything upfront because it comes with a 7-day free trial, and you can use that to see if it’s a good fit for your needs.

If it’s not a good fit, you cancel your trial. Make sense?

At this price, just like Group Funnels, you get access to all the features, exclusive Facebook group, and you don’t even need to subscribe to Zapier because that’s not required in Group Leads as it comes with one-click automation.

The team has coded that part up, and It’s straightforward to use.

Want to get started with Group Leads today?

Click here and watch its demo (you’ll be blown away).

You will discover the full benefits you stand to gain if you go for this alternative, or just check out my post about other group funnels alternatives.

Final Thoughts

In this post, you’ve discovered how much does group funnels cost and what other alternatives are in the market.

At this point, I would love to know your view based on the information you’ve gotten so far. 

Would you prefer to go for Group Funnels’ lifetime purchase or start with Group Leads ‘ 7-day free trial?