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How to Post on Multiple Facebook Groups Without Getting Banned

As a business owner with multiple Facebook groups, you would want to post on all of them.

Whether you’re the admin of those groups or a member, I understand you want your posts to reach as many people as possible.

Regardless, you want to ensure you do it right.

Heads up! This act is a delicate one. It may get your profile into Facebook jail. Hence it would help if you take note of all the pointers below.

We’ll talk about how to post on many Facebook groups, the benefits of doing it, Facebook’s policy, and much more.

Without further ado, let’s do this, shall we?

Why Post on Multiple Facebook Groups?

There are several legitimate reasons to want to post on multiple Facebook groups at a time.

But remember never to attempt to spam people on Facebook or violate their policy. 

If you do, even if you are the group admin, you might land yourself in Facebook jail.

The secret to engaging your audience, raising brand awareness, boosting conversions, and developing a devoted following is strategic content distribution.

These days, short-form video marketing, paid advertising, and search engine optimization are the main focuses for generating sales.

These are unquestionably all necessary. However, having a ton of content does not guarantee that the correct audiences see it.

You must therefore market your content where your potential clients are and develop more effective ways to contact them rather than relying solely on luck.

Since then, savvy business owners and brands have been creating Facebook groups to take advantage of the Facebook goldmine.

According to a report, as of July 2022, there are more than 2.9 billion active monthly users on Facebook. And from that number, around 1.9 billion are active daily users. 

Imagine! What percentage of that massive number of users do you need to convert to succeed as a business owner?

If a paltry number of 0.1% of Facebook users become your customer, you’ll be more profitable than most businesses. 

But it would help if you nurtured them before selling your offer.

Hence, taking advantage of posting on numerous Facebook groups (especially as an admin) would go a long way with your content distribution efforts.

Benefits of Posting to Multiple Facebook Groups

Here are a few important reasons you might want to post on multiple Facebook groups.

To Save Time

You have just created a post. It could be a promotional post or a routine engagement thread. 

Then, it’s time to start sharing them on Facebook groups.

Imagine manually posting content on the multiple Facebook groups you belong to! It’s time-consuming, no doubt.

But you can save time by automatically posting your content to several groups on Facebook.

To Reach Many Eyeballs

One of the crucial elements of marketing is getting eyeballs – also known as traffic or reach.

Traffic is undoubtedly an essential lifeline of sales. 

Without getting people to see your posts or content, how can you get interested prospects that are ready to buy?

Aside from running Facebook ads, publishing your posts on several Facebook groups can go a long way to getting more traffic, leads, and sales.

So, posting on many Facebook groups will help you get traffic and save cost.

Boosting Brand Awareness

You can run an awareness campaign on Facebook. And if you already have several Facebook groups, distributing your content to these highly niched groups can bring you high revenue.

Your customers might be sitting down somewhere scrolling away their time. They probably belong to one of your many Facebook groups.

Having not heard from you consistently, they may already forget who you are and moved on to the next brand influencer who posts.

What better way to improve your brand visibility and get engagement than posting on several Facebook groups?

Take advantage of posting to multiple groups at once.

Nurturing Your Audience

Let’s say you own the multiple Facebook groups you’re trying to post on.

You have done the hard work of creating the groups and have grown it one member after another to where it is now.

You might lose that audience if you don’t feed them valuable content consistently.

You can engage them by posting to all the groups simultaneously. Easy peasy!

Anytime they log into their Facebook account, they get notified about your post from Facebook.

Effective Content Marketing

To have an effective content marketing strategy, you need to reach many people, and more importantly, you would want to reach the right people.

Facebook group owners build these highly niched groups to round up their target customers.

Another way is to release content through an email list of your Facebook group.

First, retrieve email addresses from your Facebook group members via the membership questions. 

You can do this using Group Leads

Next, build your email list and automatically send them email follow-ups. 

What better way to get them engaged than to send them emails that get sent directly into their mail inbox?

All of them are within your grasp inside your email list; they’re yours forever. You won’t have to worry about reaching them on multiple Facebook groups and getting banned.

But there are ways to post on multiple Facebook groups without getting banned too. If that’s what you prefer, then read on.

What is Facebook’s Policy on Posting to Multiple Groups?

Facebook detests spam. There’s a thin line between regular Facebook updates and what they sanction as spam. 

When regular posts cross that line, they become spam which could end you in Facebook jail.

There’s a rationale behind how Facebook frowns at some posts or actions and flags them as spam.

As someone hoping to post on multiple Facebook communities, you must understand the Facebook community guidelines.

Paraphrasing, here’s Facebook’s stance towards spam.

Facebook works hard to prevent spam from spreading because they don’t want to promote anything that aims to trick or mislead users.

This type of content detracts from people’s ability to participate honestly in online communities and can endanger their services’ security, stability, and usability. It also creates a bad user experience.

Facebook also aims to stop users from exploiting its platform, goods, or services to boost false viewership or mass-distribute content for profit.

Here’s how Facebook put it word for word:

“We also aim to prevent people from abusing our platform, products or features to artificially increase viewership or distribute content en masse for commercial gain.”

Essentially, Facebook does not want you to post on multiple groups, multiple pages, multiple profiles, multiple DM, and multiple comments if they’re the same message

There are exceptions to posting on multiple Facebook groups.

The following are few of the community standards:

  1. Part of their community standards is that you must be an admin of Facebook groups to be allowed to post on several of them.
  2. Another vital point to note before posting on multiple Facebook groups is using third-party apps. Facebook mandates that these third-party apps be connected to Facebook first. Please ensure you read reviews online about the app you wish to connect to Facebook before you do. 
  3. As of publishing this article, you can only post to a maximum of three groups at once. If you exceed, your account gets flagged.
  4. Another standard is to ensure you only post a few of the same content to multiple groups simultaneously.
  5. And lastly, it would be best if you rephrased your content a bit before posting them in multiple groups.

Posting the same content automatically in high frequency might trigger their law enforcement technology AI. According to Facebook, 90% of content that violates their policy gets flagged and removed even before anyone sees them.

In addition, Facebook boasts of a team of up to 15,000 reviewers working around the clock to enforce their policy and keep people safe on Facebook.

In some cases, the Artificial Intelligence police send some posts and accounts to human reviewers to take necessary action on them. 

You want to avoid falling into this Facebook policy net by posting on multiple Facebook groups with caution.

If you violated the above without getting caught, it’s time you stopped. Getting caught is only a matter of time.

How Can I Post to Multiple Groups on Facebook?

Now that we have established the important pointers mentioned above let’s get to the how.

The first thing to check is if you’re attempting to publish to several Facebook groups that you are the administrator of or groups that you are merely a member of.

There probably needs to be a Facebook-approved third-party software for posting to many Facebook Groups if you are only a member.

If you’re a member, it’s better to post manually to a limited number of Facebook groups per day.

Any third-party tool that claims to support this is breaking Facebook’s terms of service and will probably result in a temporary or permanent ban on your account.

You can post to many Facebook groups in the following ways:

Post Manually

Obviously, yes, but it’s the first way to post in different Facebook groups.

Follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your content.
  2. Next, click the group icon at the left of your profile (depending on your device).
  3. If you can’t see Group, click on See more.
  4. Next, select your group or the group you wish to post.
  5. Publish your post there, then move on to the next group.

Keep in mind that you can’t send too many posts in a short time. Like sending your content to more than 3 groups this way within one hour or even half of that.

Instead, try to keep it to the barest number per hour or daily.

Posting in 10 Facebook groups per hour may not get you flagged. 

Also, try limiting your posting to under 40 total groups per day.

Hire a Virtual Assistant and or a Social Media Manager

To post on multiple Facebook groups, you can decide to hire someone to do it for you, manually.

At a modest fee, several people offer social media management to help business owners and brands handle their social media.

Use OneUp

OneUp is a social media scheduling application that has been approved by Facebook that enables you to simultaneously schedule updates for several Facebook Groups (in addition to Facebook Pages and other social networks).

Remember that you have to be a Facebook group Admin to use OneUp with a Facebook group. Without being an admin, Facebook does not let scheduling tools to post to Groups for you.

Use Postcron

Postcron is another social media scheduling software approved by Facebook to help you simultaneously post content to numerous Facebook Groups.

Postcron is straightforward to use. It helps the user save a ton of time and effort. You may schedule your daily postings with this fantastic tool in a matter of hours or months in advance.

Facebook requires users to connect to these third-party apps before being authorized to perform tasks.

You don’t have to be the admin of a group before you can use Postcron to post on it. But this tool needs to be connected before you can use it on a Facebook group.

You can ask the group admin to connect the group to Postcron. And once it’s connected, anyone can schedule the posts.

This is useful in cases where someone is acting on behalf of the Facebook group admin. 

For instance, when an admin hires one of the members as an assistant.

Use Convosight

Convosight‘s multi-group publishing functionality makes it simple to write a post and share it with several Facebook groups you manage or administer.

Like any third-party software you wish to use with Facebook, you must first connect the Convosight tool.

Use Chrome Extensions

Did you know that you can use Chrome extensions to post on your social media? 

We have covered them extensively in this post. You might want to read it next.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to post to multiple Facebook groups

How can I share to multiple groups on Facebook?

You can share to multiple Facebook groups manually or by using third-party tools such as Postcron, OneUp, Convosight and so on.

How many Facebook groups can I post per day?

It depends on the age of your account. Old accounts are trusted more than newly created Facebook profiles. 

When posting in Facebook groups with old accounts, you have up to 200-210 group posts per day before you get temporarily banned from posting for that day.

This is not healthy for your account. If you continue, a time will come when it won’t be a temporary restriction.

So, you want to stick to 10-20 posts in multiple groups per day for old accounts. And less than 10 for new accounts.

In addition, you want to ensure that you’re interacting in those groups you post to by liking and commenting on other people’s posts on the group.

If all you do is drop a post every single day, it’s only a matter of time. If the admin of the groups do not restrict you, be assured that Facebook will.

How many Facebook groups can I post to?

Depending on a few factors, you can post to up to 10 to 20 groups.

Ensure you respond to comments on those posts, don’t just drop posts. Engage with Others’ posts on the same group. Otherwise, your account might be flagged as a spammer.

Can I post on my Facebook page and group at the same time?

Yes, you can use your Facebook page (that you’re an admin of) to post on your Facebook group. Or you can use third-party apps like OneUp or Postcron to do it.

Why can’t I post in any group on Facebook?

You won’t be able to post on a group if it’s private or if the group admin does not approve your posts. To solve this, check the group member section and reach out to the admin first.

It’s also possible that you won’t be able to post to a group that you’re not a member of. 

You must request to join the group first, fill out the membership questions (if any) and submit them.

Once you’re a member, you can post.

Final Thoughts

We have shared with you in this post everything you need to know about how to post on multiple Facebook groups.

We hope you have found what you came for by reading the post till the end.

Facebook has been a giant cake that leaves enough scrubs to enrich businesses, brands and individuals. You don’t need to get a considerable size to live your dream life.

Take advantage of Facebook and its different communities.

Your customers are on Facebook and ok Facebook groups. Do your best to attract them, nurture them and sell to them.

Post your content on multiple groups on Facebook and take advantage of the lessons shared herein.

If you would like to gather your prospects on a platform of your own, use Group Leads to automatically collect email addresses from your group members. Grab your free trial now.