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Is There a Tool to Schedule Posts on Facebook Groups?

Isn’t it just perfect that you schedule your posts on Facebook? 

Do you want to learn how to schedule posts on your facebook group(s)?

As a business owner, your work-life balance is essential as it wouldn’t be wise to break down at the point when your business ultimately needs you.

Logging on Facebook when you want to publish a post could distract your process, slow your productivity or disrupt your consistency.

Scheduling your posts affords you the leisure of turning up consistently, and at the time your clients need you. Your post automatically goes live even when you’re asleep.

In this post, we shall answer the question, “Is there a tool to schedule posts on Facebook groups?”

But before the deep dive into the topic.

Let’s highlight the benefits of scheduling posts on Facebook Groups.

Benefits of Scheduling Posts on Facebook Groups

From administration, customer service, product upgrades, and constantly jumping on clients’ calls, it is always tedious to keep up with your brand’s social media presence, particularly when you’re the only one at the forefront of your business marketing and sales. 

This is why you should schedule posts on your Facebook groups. When you do so, you will:  

1. Maintain content consistency and quality

By scheduling your Facebook posts, you have the freedom to craft your story or message and carefully scrutinize it before scheduling. You won’t face the publishing rush or watery craft stories that aren’t strong enough to captivate your audience. You will carefully take your time to review every paragraph. 

Doing this at your time lets you consistently publish quality content that drives traffic to your Facebook group.

2. Publish content round the clock

You can now publish round the clock and reach a wider audience without bothering with the time difference. For instance, you’re in California, US, and your marketing analytics indicates that most of your clients’ are in Edmonton, Canada. 

You would want to schedule posts that they’re most likely to read when they’re up to publishing posts that already get washed away their newsfeeds before they wake up.

This way, you need not leave your bed at 1 a.m to hit the publish button.

3. Become more efficient and productive

Scheduling your Facebook posts makes you efficient and productive. You tend to focus and give due time to the tasks you need, and you do that with complete calm. 

As these gains are attached to scheduling posts on the Facebook group, the following search should be:

Does Facebook allow you to schedule posts on your Facebook groups? 

Facebook groups allow you to build a brand community that discusses everything concerning your products/services in a real-life context. 

And to support and ensure that you constantly nurture and engage your community, Facebook allows you to schedule posts on your Facebook group.

So, YES. Facebook allows you to schedule posts on your Facebook groups.


How to schedule posts on a Facebook group

Easy peasy! Just follow these steps.

1. Go to the Facebook group where you’d like to schedule the post.

2. Then, click on create a public post in your Facebook Group.

3. Create the post by typing in your hen click the desired message, then click on the calendar icon at the button right part of the section. As shown in the diagram below. 

Schedule posts on Facebook groups
  1. That will take you to the schedule post dialog box; now input your desired time and click, then click the “schedule” button.
How to Schedule Posts on Facebook Groups

Congratulations. You’ve scheduled your Facebook Group post.

Because there are individual likes and preferences, many business owners and entrepreneurs would want to use an alternative tool to schedule their Facebook posts. This may be because they require a comprehensive tool for their post scheduling.

If you’re in this category of business owners, let’s see if there is an alternative tool.

Are there tools to schedule posts on Facebook groups?

Contrary to most business owners’ thoughts that you can’t schedule Facebook group posts with third-party tools due to difficulty in integration or no tools that allow such.

The good news is that; several third-party tools let you schedule your Facebook group posts. Here are some of them;

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite allows you to manage your Facebook groups easily. When you sign into the Hootsuite dashboard, you can schedule posts, share videos, engage with followers, and measure the impact of your efforts—all from that single platform.

2. Buffer

Buffer also allows you to schedule your Facebook group posts. However, it requires you to connect your Facebook group by authenticating your Facebook profile with an admin role before you can do so.  

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social lets you post on your Facebook group. And just like Buffer, it will need you to connect through your Facebook profile.

4. Edgar

Edgar also requires the same as Social Sprout.

Ultimately, the answer to the question, “Is there a tool to schedule posts on Facebook groups?” is YES, there is.

In fact, there are many of them.

Final Thoughts

Facebook profits have forced technology companies to build solutions that will help business owners to save time, sell better and make more money on Facebook.

One of those excellent solutions is Group Leads.

Group Leads is specifically built for small businesses and entrepreneurs to effortlessly convert their new Facebook group members into leads, then into paying customers.

This solution allows you to create Facebook group funnels in minutes; without Zapier integration, you can collect your Facebook group members’ emails into your favorite autoresponder and build your empire outside Facebook.

If Mark Zuckerberg wakes up tomorrow and decides that the Facebook group service should no longer be active, you wouldn’t lose much.

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