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Make Money From Facebook Group (The Complete Guide)

Do you have a sizeable audience in your Facebook group and but lack the knowledge to make money from the group?

or maybe you’re planning to create one and monetize the Facebook group down the road.

In this complete guide, you would learn how you can get paid up to 6 figures a year from the Facebook group you currently own.

What makes Facebook so juicy?

Were Facebook a nation, it would top both China and India because over 2 billion people exchange messages using the platform every month

You can now reconnect with your high school friend at the speed of light, view that school photo that was taken 20 years ago and lots more.

Facebook is to social communication like how Google is to internet search. This platform has drowned the likes of Friendster and other competitors.

Do you know that Facebook intends to combine all its messenger platform into a central app?

With that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp would be in one place and be more powerful.

Facebook currently owns the largest photo-sharing social network (Instagram) and the world largest messaging app by daily users (WhatsApp)

Do you know each of these platforms has over 1.5 billion users monthly?

A number of factors make Facebook so appealing to everyone including small and big corporations.

1. Its design

Facebook is designed with the end-user in mind, it does not take rocket science to sign up for the platform, one can literally begin doing amazing stuff with it in less than an hour of use.

It is designed to work on almost any internet-connected device in the world, you can easily chat on it via any browser or the app itself.

2. Its integrations

Facebook has formed powerful partnerships with many online and offline businesses to help create a more internet friendly environment for its users.

You don’t have to create new username and password for many websites today, any website integrated with Facebook API can allow you to log in and access their services.

Another Facebook initiative is to make everyone on earth connected. A Few years ago, it attempted to launch a satellite into space that would beam internet signals to certain places on earth.

It’s indeed a great initiative, although it was unsuccessful initially but Facebook is not yet throwing in the towel.

You see, you are throwing away a lot of money if you do not monetize your Facebook group audience.

3. Its features

Some see Facebook as the internet, in short, it is among the top three sites in the world where users spend an incredible amount of time per day. Let see some of them.

Facebook Newsfeed

This is the page you see upon logging into Facebook, it displays what your friends, your subscribed groups and liked pages have recently published.

You get to interact with contents from them in forms of videos, photos, text e.t.c. You could give approval by liking, care by sharing and give your two cents on the post by commenting.

Never since the history of communication has people been able to gather and interact at such level before now.

Do you know how many people buy stuff because their friend recommends a product or service through a post, a large percentage of people now consume the news directly from Facebook?

This Facebook is so powerful that many are even beginning to see it as a threat to democracy. The US 2016 election saw Facebook dragged into the messy post-election conflicts for its alleged role in influencing the outcome of the election.

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are becoming one of the easiest and free medium business thought leaders and organizations can create a page for themselves on the internet.

Before now, to own a page on the web, it requires one signing up for a web host and buying a domain name, some technical knowledge of programming or a CMS like WordPress but Facebook pages throw all of them away.

It supports businesses contact details, live videos, polls, posts, videos, photos, ability to let users sign up for a particular thing and lots more.

Facebook Watch

Facebook watch is like the equivalent of Youtube to Google.

Do you know that people tend to share a video posted directly on Facebook to other users than a video posted outside the platform?

A quick comparison shows that for almost the same video posted to Facebook and YouTube, Facebook watch got more views than YouTube.

Although there is a high tendency to share your video directly to YouTube because of factors like ad revenue and its popularity among users but Facebook Watch guarantees more views.

Facebook Marketplace

Have you got anything to sell as long as it does not contradict any of Facebook policies?

The Facebook marketplace is a good place to go and sell to buyers who are within your reach and are ready to buy from you.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are different from the Facebook newsfeed and Facebook pages as they are formed by individuals who share similar ideas or ideology.

They are administered by an admin or a group of admins, content here could be moderated or not.

The beauty of such groups comes when adequate moderation is set in place and group members provide true value one to another.

Facebook groups are typically money-spinning machines if you know how to monetize your Facebook group.

But the question you might be asking is how do I make money from my Facebook group.

It’s not an offence to seek for ways you can make money with your group because you need to be compensated for the value you deliver to your group members.

You have a large enough audience, your group members are loyal and you provide great value, then this should be an easier task for you to achieve.

How to make money from your Facebook Group

I will show you various mediums you can use to profit from your Facebook group. Let’s dive into them one after the other.

1. Sponsorships and ads

If you run a Facebook group in music, movies or any form of entertainment niche. Selling advertising in your group is a sure-fire way to make money by the side.

A word of caution here:

Do not display ads that are irrelevant to your group ethos and interest. I mean ads that do not connect the dots and ensure that you don’t do too many ads, 2–3 per week is reasonable.

Try as much as possible to inform the group members that this is one way you can earn income and keep providing value.

So, start thinking about how you can monetize your Facebook group via sponsored ads, the companies you need to contact e.t.c.

2. Affiliate marketing

Every day millions of products get sold online and one way such sales are possible is through affiliate marketing.

Marketers are given an incentive on why they should spend their time and convince their audience to click the buy button.

You could make a sizable income from affiliate sales.

Let me give you an example in the cryptocurrency world.

Before Binance, only Coinbase compensated people for referring users to their platform. Binance saw an opportunity and decided not just to reward users one time but to continually give a certain percentage of the trading fees it charges the referees user who trades on its platform for life.

This means if I refer one of my Facebook group member named James to Binance, as long as he does trade with Binance, I will be getting a percentage of what Binance charges him per transaction.

Is that not amazing?

Do you know that Binance became the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world barely 6 months after its launch beating those who had been in the business for years?

Clickbank, JVZOO, Warriorplus provide numerous products that you could be an affiliate of and earn a commission for each referral sale depending on the niche of your group, you just need to take the leap.

Another way could be charging a fee when you recommend members of the group for certain services or jobs.

Take, for example, the HeadStart Africa group headed by John Obidi. He interacts with a lot of decision-makers in various industries and the group he runs is a pool of awesome talents.

Someone who seeks to acquire the service of a member may go through John Obidi who may refer the right person, depending on the agreement, he may or may not decide to charge some compensation.

3. Monthly or one-time subscription

Most Facebook groups are free, others require one to commit such hard-earned currency.

According to a post on TechCrunch, Facebook now allows subscription for exclusive content.

Like most subscription software, you can have different subscription plans:

  • The free version (with limited value)
  • The premium version (this one has premium features)
  • The trial version (users get to access almost all benefits for a certain period before they are either locked out or given full access depending on their financial commitment).

Because you must make money, you do know well if all your time is spent giving out free stuff without being rewarded for it.

To consistently push out valuable content, it requires you to put your time and money on the line.

I believe you have got great information that is of immense value that people will not hesitate to pay $5 – $20 per month to access your platform especially if you offers private mentorship and walkthroughs.

Remember, people cannot get certain things if they don’t pay for it, hence the need for them pay you to access your premium Facebook group.

4. Sell something

Your life depends on selling, this you must do all the days of thy life.

You are asking how do I monetize my Facebook group, the answer is to start to SELL SOMETHING.

One has rightly said that the difference between those who are prosperous and those who are poor is a PRODUCT.

Your product can be a hard product or soft product.

You can sell physical products that get delivered to people or a digital product that users can consume from the mobile device.

Do you know that the internet has made information freely available, the availability of such information is largely by choice?

Google cannot index certain parts of any website if the owners deny Google access.

Do you have thorough knowledge that when applied can furnish results for your group members?

If yes then, you’ve got something to sell.

You can create a course in audio, video or written format and sell it. You can take a consulting role for individuals, businesses or even get involved in speaking engagements.

Dear Reader, the possibilities are endless and it’s important to start a Facebook group if you have none today or put more effort into getting the best out of the one you currently have.

5. Promote your website or others

Do you know that you can promote your business or websites with far-reaching results with your Facebook group?

Always remember to not over-promote nor under-promote.

Publishing articles, images, videos e.t.c that refer members back to your website can have a far-reaching impact on your business, this could, in turn, lead to more website visits, more sales and in turn more profits for you and your business.

6. Sell an existing Facebook group

Some individuals are in the business of building and selling social media accounts and there is no exception with a Facebook group.

Ever since a fellow got wealthy for selling a domain he bought for some bucks to amazon, many have seen it’s profitable to build and sell their audience.

The motive behind one’s decision to sell a Facebook group may differ, maybe one has too many engagements that managing a Facebook group may look burdensome, one may decide to sell.

7. Email marketing

Is email still relevant in 2019, the answer is a big YES. Email is not going away as it is still relevant in business and other spheres.

Do you know that a large percentage of your Facebook group members may not visit your website or buy from you if you don’t reach them beyond Facebook?

How can you retarget them when they have never visited?

Email marketing is still relevant, a lot of marketers still reach their customers through email, a lot of people still use email and you do yourself and your business great harm by neglecting it.

But how do you obtain members email and market to them in the first place?

A few years ago, Facebook released a new feature that allows you to ask three onboarding questions from people joining your Facebook group.

Within the three questions, you can ask for an email or even survey your new members but the problem is, when you approve them to join the group, all the data submitted would disappear.

You can try the manual method of copying and pasting those data to Google sheets and your email list or pay a few hundreds of dollars monthly to a virtual assistant to do the job for you.

That takes a lot of time but you can automate the process by installing the Group Leads extension from Google Chrome store.

It will help you automate email lead collection from your group to your email list so you can start selling to your Facebook group members again and again via automation.

Final Thoughts

There you have the different ways you can make money from your Facebook in 2020 with little to no effort.

So folks have started to squeeze the best out of this great opportunity, Facebook groups are to stay for real.

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