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Facebook Group Description Template 101

Unlike on a Facebook business page, where people psychologically feel aback to interact with your company name and logo, content on Facebook groups gets tonnes of engagement because it is registered in their subconscious mind that they’re dealing with a human at the back end. 

Facebook groups become an absolute sweet spot when you utilize the pinned post feature to permanently place content with a call to action (CTA) at the top of the group feed. This draws attention to your offer and increases subscription to your email list or newsletter.

According to Brand Watch, adding a CTA button to your Facebook group can lift your click-through rate by 2.85 times. The duo of a pinned post and offer link could be a lifesaver for your dying business. That said, you must get your Facebook group creation right which starts with coming up with the right group description; else, you won’t be able to leverage this juicy gain.

In this post, you will find 7 Facebook group description ideas and examples to help increase your Facebook group members with people who resonate with your group’s purpose.


What is a Facebook Group Description?

Having cleared that, a Facebook group description details the purpose of the group creation – the reason behind it, or explains the caliber of people in the group. This reveals the interest, pains, hopes, and aspirations that unite these people.

For instance, the CMX Hub Facebook group by CMX is described as a hub where community professionals thrive. by supporting each other, sharing learnings, and advancing in the community industry.

From this Facebook group description, you can effortlessly identify if the group is for you or not.

Facebook Group Description Template

Here’s another example by FaceBook Ad Hack, a group that describes itself as a free community for Facebook marketers, freelancers, and agency owners.

How Do I Write a Group Description on Facebook?

Now that you’ve gotten what a Facebook group description is, how would you write the Facebook group description?

The Facebook team has already put together a detailed step-by-step video series on how to get started with Facebook groups. They even advise that your Facebook group description shouldn’t miss two points;

  1. Describe your business or course in at least 2 sentences, and
  2. Define your uniqueness as a group so people identify how you are different from others.

However, they didn’t reveal a description template for writing an effective Facebook group description page. 

Here’s how to write one.

A good Facebook group description template has 5 key points to address. 

  1. Group interest keywords
  2. Your mission statement
  3. What your members should expect
  4. A concise call to action
  5. Admin rules and disclaimer

Group Interest Keywords

From this section, what your group does immediately speaks to the visitors; they need not dabble about but join or read more about you and look away. From the screenshot below on The Freelance Movement | Freelancing Community, you’ll see that this interest was made clear that the group is for those who want to grow, engage and monetize their Facebook groups.

This section will also help your group rank when people search Facebook groups for their interests.

Your Mission Statement

This absorbs your visitors deeper than what your keyword stated. It expresses your reasons and what you’re set to achieve by creating the group. When you do this well, you attract the right people to your group, you have your target audience for your business and community, and you will eventually have better quality engagement.

What Should Your Members Expect?

You can’t have people in your community and have them not know what you’re providing them. Explain in another paragraph what your group member should look forward to getting from you.

In the above image, Ryan Bowles – A Facebook group expert, also indicated his website for members to visit for more information.

For instance, stating clearly that ”this group is where members freely communicate and discuss anything related to golfing and its tools” is a sign that members can post anything related to golf.

A Concise Call to Action

You can have a concise call to action, like “Join to get started” or “Click join to gain access.”

Admin Rules

This is where you state the do’s and don’ts of your group.

Once that is done. Rest assured, you’ve provided the ultimate first impression that will last in the minds of your visitors.

Facebook Group Description Templates and Ideas

Also, I’ve picked examples of two Facebook groups doing fairly well in the space. The first is the BTOP Ultimate Blogging group with over 4000 members, and the second is Entrepreneur Hustle with over 59000 members.

BTOP Ultimate Blogging described its group in 4 intentional sections; 

  1. The first section is a quick introduction of the group and what they will never do, i.e. No B.S
  2. The second section clarifies what their target audience should expect
  3. The third section discusses their credibility and why you should be certain that you’ll get value.
  4. While the fourth section directs you to further readings about them.

Entrepreneur Hustle did justice to their page in 2 sections, 

  1. They explained that the group is to share stories of entrepreneurs, their pains, struggles, failures, and success.
  2. The second section involves the rules of posting on the platform.

Final Thoughts

With the Facebook group description templates and examples shared here, you now know the specific parts you need to include to be able to create a compelling description that would help you increase your group membership, as well as improve your engagement. Furthermore, with more group members, there are more opportunities for presenting and selling your offer.

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